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Overcome The War Within

Overcome The War Within

Overcome The War Within

Overcome The War Within

Overcome The War Within

Overcome The War Within

Overcome The War Within

Overcome The War Within


Build a relationship with a certified Freedom Fighter.


Connect with a community that understands.

Retreats +

Go on intensive retreats and events.

Trauma is causing dysfunction for our service members and their families

We fight for our country, but have sacrificed our own souls in the process. It doesn’t have to be this way.


Broken relationships at home and at work results in lack of connection and community.


Pain due to injuries, financial concerns, or job security can lead to overwhelming stress.


Decline in mental health leads to depression, anxiety, suicide, and substance abuse.


Loss of the uniform or weight of the job leads to loss of purpose resulting in disconnection from God.

Partner With UsGet Help
Partner With UsGet Help

Beat trauma and unlock the power of Post Traumatic Growth

Everyone should live free from the war within. Wage war on dysfunction.

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For Veterans and First Responders

No person wants to be addicted to anything that produces a negative outcome. No person wants to merely cope with trauma, and every human has a deep desire to be emotionally healthy. Let us help you achieve victory in these areas.

  • Break addictions

  • Talk through trauma

  • Strengthen body and mind

For Families

We are committed to bringing hope and life to the entire family unit by breaking cycles of dysfunction. We help connect the cause to the effect in order to assist you in breaking these cycles. In turn, we offer teaching, training, wisdom, and guidance that helps one establish patterns that create generational blessings and legacy.

  • Restore marriages

  • Become a great parent

  • Connect relationally

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For Purpose

We desire for every veteran, service member, and first responder to overcome the stresses related to finances. If your plan has not been working for you, there is a need for a new plan. We help you discover your true identity so that you can live the rest of your life on the right mission. The right mission will bring your greatest sense of fulfillment.

  • Get financial wisdom

  • Manage time and resources

  • Live life on mission


As a military veteran and police officer veteran with PTSD, the Freedom Fighters Program teaches you how God made you to mentally, physically, and spiritually to respond normally to uncommon situations. Jesus is there with you when it happened and there to help you get through it. Blessed to have the information and support from Freedom Fighters leadership and not only making a difference in my life, but also help my wife to understand a husband with PTSD.

Hugh GallGMMPO2 Tomahawk Missile Tech USN
Texas Peace Officer Fort Worth PD
Gang Task Force

Recently working with those in freedom fighters has been a blessing. The help and support to come back to sobriety from them was honest and true. Even now as i still struggle this group continues to reach out and provide help and guidance. This is a salt of the earth kind of group and I am happy to continually have them by my side.

AnonymousCW2 U.S. Army

I was living a hopeless life in bondage to anger, unforgiveness, alcoholism, and depression. Jesus came to me in my brokenness, as I faced life changing legal trouble, and he rescued me. I have a new life in Christ, and I continue daily, to become who he intended me to be.

Eric YoungUSMC

I am paramedic in a high speed 911 system. Before I started at Freedom Fighters I was suffering from PTSD related issues that were impacting me and my family. Freedom Fighters provided a safe environment to get real problems off my chest and talk with people that understand my pain. I am now the healthiest I have ever been physically, mentally, and spiritually due to my Freedom Fighter group.

Brian RozmusEMT

I was in a dark place with no end in sight. They gave me hope and a new purpose in life. Now every day is a gift.

PeteArmy & Fire Fighter

Starting Freedom Fighters I was a Christian that read the Bible and went to church. I am active in my church; however, Freedom Fighters has taught me how to harness what I have learned and to apply it in everyday life. It’s given me other veterans to reach out to when I need them. Very positive experience with the Freedom Fighters.

Richard OliverVeteran & First Responder

I was burnt in a car fire at a young age and I am a volunteer firefighter and a year ago I gave my life back to the Lord and just meeting this group of guys is such an honor and a privilege they have given me such strength I have scars on the outside but some of us have scars on the inside that no one sees and what I have learned from these guys is stand strong never give up and I am so proud to be a part of this Brotherhood because no matter what life throws at us we have each other's back and the Bible says when one or two are gathered in my name there I am also and I know it is hard and we feel like giving up but I encourage you to stick it out and stand strong because even though we can't see the whole picture of that God has in store for us doesn't mean we should give up we will have hard times but what the enemy tries to use 4 evil God will use for good so I encourage you to pick up your cross and stand up for Christ my brothers and sisters

Cody SmythVolunteer Fire Fighter

Freedom Fighter Foundation This is an organization that is employing cutting-edge tactics to reach and deliver freedom through Christ to a hurting population of men and women. I have firsthand experience to what God is doing through the Freedom Fighter Foundation. The staff are trained, relevant, prepared, care for you, and cannot wait for you to live in FREEDOM through Christ. Do not hesitate to connect. Your journey to freedom is only an email or a phone call away.

John Arroyo CaptainRet. US Army Green Beret

We too have suffered mental, physical, relational, and spiritual trauma that affected every relationship in our lives

All our staff are veterans or first responders who have gone through Freedom Fighters’ 1-on-1 Mentorship and Group Meetings and have experienced freedom from trauma and dysfunction.

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​Every Freedom Fighter mentor and group leader is:

  • A Chaplain, not subject to mandatory reporting.
  • Certified by CRU Military: Bridges to Healing, Caring Counsel for Combat Trauma.
  • Qualified to mentor individuals mandated by the Court to attend groups instead of serving time.
  • A Combat Veteran, Former First Responder or Family member

Our Team

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Co-Founder & National Director

Shade Bounds

I am a combat veteran who served in the Army from 2004 to 2017. I was medically discharged due to injuries I received while deployed. I was out of a job with no retirement, no purpose, and a family that needed me. My life spiraled out of control. I was struggling with PTSD, drinking, and was suicidal. I felt so worthless and ashamed of where I was physically, mentally, and spiritually, which resulted in an attempt to end my life. I told God I needed him to do something or I was going to attempt suicide again. God knew I needed a fellow veteran who knew the way to come alongside me and walk with me out of the darkness. That fellow veteran put a Combat Trauma Healing Manual into my hands - and it changed my life. I put myself around other motivated veterans who were also working on becoming better versions of themselves. I followed the manual, went to a marriage conference, and God set my wife and I free from the dysfunction and trauma we experienced because of my military service. I now get to work with an elite group of veterans, first responders, and their families to offer that same hope and freedom to others.
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National Outreach Director

Michael Carson

Michael Carson is from Bovina TX a small town in West Texas. He grew up as a ranch and farm kid with his younger sister, mom, dad, and grandparents. He went to Friona High School and was highly involved in sports like football, basketball, track, cross country, rodeo and FFA. After High School he decided to join the Army National Guard and swore in on 9/11 unknowing of what the day would bring. He would spend the next 14 years Active duty and spend a total of 19 years, 5 months, and 22 days in the US ARMY. His main Job was an 11B infantryman and was an Instructor for 12 of those years in Urban Operations, Marksmanship, Heavy Weapons, Combatives (Hand to Hand), and the Warrior Transition Course. He has done 1 tour in Iraq 2005-2006 (Operation Iraqi Freedom) attached to the 82nd Airborne Division, where he did 100’s of missions all over Iraq.

One of the worst missions he witnessed a suicide bomber hit the front gate in Al Diwaniya (camp Echo) and one “close call” where a rocket hit an AC unit just outside his tent by his cot. He did 1 tour in Kosovo in 2010-2011 (KFOR 14) were he would be blown up, witness one of his best friends almost get beat to death, and he was captured and drug into Serbia for a very short time and then rescued. After returning home from the first mission Michael would lose one of his closest friends to suicide after they had been drinking together the night before. After returning home from the second deployment, he would lose another friend of his to suicide sending him into an unknown realm and unseen wounds. He struggled with the unseen wounds of war and could not see, nor would he admit that it was overtaking him. He would use work, adrenaline, working out, alcohol, and was extremely angry all the time. He was married and had two girls Grayson and Hadley the only good thing in his life, but even they would not be enough to overcome the invisible wounds. His wife would divorce him and after that He would spiral out of control. He moved away from them and eventually got into drugs and then attempted suicide by ingesting 31 pill bottles, 3.5 grams of methamphetamine, and almost a gallon of liquor in less than 5 min.

God relentlessly pursued him during all of this. After his suicide attempt, He had a unique encounter with the Lord speaking to him through a drug dealer, Bible app., fellow veteran, and a Combat Trauma Healing Manual. Through these amazing series of events God would lead Michael to His son Jesus. After surrendering to Jesus, Michael would embark on a journey that has lead him true Freedom. He has found his true identity in Christ, He is a Freedom Fighter, and is highly trained and equipped to lead others to Freedom through and in Christ. He is the Co-Founder and Director of Outreach for the Freedom Fighter Foundation. He is an Ordained Chaplain serving the Round Rock Police Department. He is the Williamson County Veterans Treatment Court Coordinator supervising 14 Mentors and up to 60 veterans struggling with the unseen wounds of war and participating in the veterans treatment court program. He has started 4 veteran, family, and first responder peer support groups with up to 12 people per group at times. He is and continues to be a Biblical Husband to His amazing wife Crystal. He is a Biblical father to his daughters Grayson and Hadley who are now back in his life. He is a Biblical man to his 3 step sons Jacob, Jonah, and Jude. His love for the Lord continues to grow each day and he has found his new purpose in life and his purpose in the pain. God spared him in this world to bring others through the darkness and help be Gods Light in this dark world. He has the Love of the father and wants to give it freely to his brothers and sisters in arms and in Christ. Freedom was not Free on the Cross nor on the Battle Field defending this country. He has chosen to Live for those who have died for your Freedom and he wants to help you do the same. One of his favorite quotes is by Jim Elliot that says, “he is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.”

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National Director of Training

Jake Pulaski

Jake and his wife Stephanie have been married for 15 years and have two amazing daughters. Jake served five years in the Marine Corps and suffered from PTSD, and TBI. Ultimately finding healing, and freedom from both; by the Grace of God, a loving family, and a God sent Father-in-law.

Jake most recently left his business in the Motorcycle Industry to fulfill his calling to full time ministry. He is now working as the Regional Team Builder for the Freedom Fighter Foundation and is a Crisis Response Chaplain. He uses these avenues, and others to bring Salvation, Healing, and Freedom to anyone that needs it, and train and equip others to do the same.

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